Maxson Richards

CURIE 4th Annual Poster Session


  • 1st Place Recipient for Best Poster Presentation: Maxson Richards
  • 2nd Place Recipient for Best Poster Presentation: Kenneth Stout
  • 3rd Place Recipient for Best Poster Presentation: Nathan Coddington
  • Number of participants: 8
  • Poster Date & Time: The Chemistry Is Awesome Party, June 6th, 2018
  • Location: Gilbert breezeway
  • Attendance: >100 
Overview: CURIE hosted its fourth annual CURIE Undergraduate Research Poster Session at the Chemistry is Awesome (CIA) party. This was a great opportunity for undergraduate students to hone their communication skills, get experience building & presenting research posters and connect with graduate students & faculty in the department. 8 undergraduate researchers signed up to present their research at the event. Judges comprised of research and teaching faculty (Drs. Cassandra Siler, Amila Liyanage, and Kevin Gable). Each poster was judged based on three main categories: a) Figures, b) Design, and c) Presentation. Each judge assigned a score from 1 (lowest) – 10 (highest) for each category – and the sum of these scores determined the winners. The students presented their research to over 100 people in attendance at the party. After 2 hours of the session, the winners were announced! Max Richards (Carter lab), Kenneth Stout (Beaudry lab), and Nathan Coddington (Loesgen lab) came 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively. We would like to use this opportunity to congratulations to the winners for their spectacular presentations!