Ellie Sobalvarro

Name: Ellie Sobalvarro Converse
Research Interests: Solid state chemistry
Research GroupSubramanian Lab
Other Interests: Hiking, photography, snowboarding, hanging out with my cats
Contact: sobalvae@oregonstate.edu


Alyssa Johnson

Name: Alyssa Johnson
Research Interests: Piezoelectric materials, local & average structures
Research GroupSubramanian Lab
Other Interests: Hiking, singing, rock climbing, baking, cooking
Contact: adamsaly@oregonstate.edu


Taylor Krueger

Name: Taylor Krueger
Research Interests:
Research GroupFang Lab
Other Interests:
Contact: kruegeta@oregonstate.edu


Brett Duell

Name: Brett Duell
Research Interests: Solid state chemistry, magnetic materials, materials for electronics applications
Research GroupSubramanian Lab
Other Interests: Painting, cooking, reddit
Contact: duellb@oregonstate.edu



O. Maduka Ogba Chapman University
Lindsay Wills Oregon State University
Geneva Laurita Bates College
Kevin Snyder Montrose High School
Nick E. Larkey The University of Kansas Cancer Center
Kyle Almlie Voxtel, Inc.
Shawn Decker Oregon State University
Dylan Fast Oregon State University
Wesley Surta University of Liverpool
Joseph Tang Boston College
Miles Taylor