ChUME mentors hosted, in collaboration with the Dean’s Distinguished Lecturer – Prof. Karen Wooley (Texas A&M), an Undergraduate Research and Professional Empowerment Poster Session.

Winner of Poster Session Contest
1st place: Andrea Domen
2nd place (tie): Shan Lansing and Matthew O’Reilly Clark 

Location: Linus Pauling Science Center (LPSC) Student Street

DateNovember 5, 2015

Time: 3:00pm – 4:30pm

Poster Participants:  Corinne Brucks, Matthew O’Reilly Clark, Andrea Domen, Eaton Fong, Zachary Martin Konkel, Shan Lansing, Cassandra Lew, Philip Nguyen, Thomas Michael Rowe, Natasha Smith, Kenneth Stout, Eric Qian.

The event was a huge success. All mentees listed above presented their research in a poster format to over 40 people. We invited three judges to vote on the quality of each poster. These judges were the department chair Prof. Rich Carter (Department Chair), Margaret Haak (Senior Instructor II), and the Dean’s Distinguished Lecturer Prof. Karen Wooley (Texas A&M). Each poster was judged based on three main categories: a) Figures, b) Design, and c) Presentation. Each judge assigned a score from 1 (lowest) – 10 (highest) for each category – and the sum of these scores determined the winners. All three judges praised the undergraduate participants for the high quality of research and presentation.